- 7 riders per team. 

- Creating a team can be a very important asset to winning championships here at OMXS. Everyone can start their own team. Also every rider can join any team.



Please be respectful to your fellow racers. If we find you are being discriminative against someone for any reason you will be subject to a potential banning. We don’t want that here, swearing is allowed but calling other players derogatory words is not permitted.


Yellow flag: The yellow flag is a caution flag to signify a downed rider on the track.
Blue flag: Indicates a rider is about to be overtaken by a faster rider. The overtaken rider should hold their line and not impede the progress of the faster rider.
White flag: A white flag indicates the final lap of a race.
Checkered flag: The black and white checkered flag denotes the end of the race.


Sign Ups are available under the signups tab. You are required to Sign-Up for each weekly race. If you don't sign up, you will not be sorted into a qualifying lobby.  Everyone needs to check the website on race night to see which qualifying lobby they are in. Sign ups will be limited to the first 120 people. 


Qualifying lobbies will have 30 riders each. - Each lobby will have a password, which will be posted on the same website page as the qualifying groups.

• Riders will have a 15 min practice to connect to their respective lobby. (These lap times will not count for anything)

• After the 15 min practice, the 20 minute Qualifying session will begin. - A track reset poll will be started at the end of the 15 min practice. - Late riders may still connect during timed qualifying. They will just have less time to put in a fast lap. • Everyone will need to leave their qualifying lobby once the session is over, as they will likely be racing in a different lobby.

• Lap times will be combined from all 4 lobbies and riders will be sorted into their race lobbies: Race Lobby A 1st - 30th Fastest Qualifying times Race Lobby B 31st - 60th Fastest Qualifying times Race Lobby C 61st - 90th Fastest Qualifying times Race Lobby D 91st - 120th Fastest Qualifying times THERE IS NO LCQ.



 In order to keep restarts at a minimum, we will only restart if 5 or more people receive the jump start bug.

• We will not restart for people missing the start

• We will not restart for people losing connection mid race.


Disputes / Results

We will base results on whatever the export shows. - We understand other riders may be able to corroborate another rider's finish. However, in order to keep this series as simple as possible, we are sticking with the result the export gives.


No cheater lines. Try your best To stay within the yellow markers at all times. We get it sometimes mistakes happen. If we get 2 or more screen recordings, or one of our admins catches someone purposely skipping a jump/corner you could be docked anywhere between 3-10 positions depending on severity and positions made up.


All lobbies will run 2 motos -

A Lobby Motos (Race Length: 10 laps - Collisions: off)

• Riders who placed 1st-30th in their qualifying times. A will be the only lobby earning series points. The point structure will be listed below.

B Lobby Motos (Race Length: 10 laps - Collisions: off)

• Riders who placed 31st-60th in timed Qualifying

• This lobby will not earn series points

C Lobby Motos (Race Length: 10 laps - Collisions: off)

• Riders who placed 61st-90th in timed Qualifying

• This lobby will not earn series points


A riders will receive points for

their result in each moto.

Finish - Points

1 - 25

2 - 22

3 - 20

4 - 18

5 - 16

6 - 15

7 - 14

8 - 13

9 - 12

10 - 11

11 - 10

12 - 9

13 - 8

14 - 7

15 - 6

16 - 5

17 - 4

18 - 3

19 - 2

20 - 1

21 - 1

22 - 1

23 - 1

24 - 1

25 - 1

26 - 1

27 - 1

28 - 1

29 - 1

30 - 1